The main reason for setting up this website was to try and collate all of my blogging into one place. I write about a fairly eclectic mix of geological and science-themed topics, primarily for two blogs:

blog-promoBetween a rock and a hard place

Bristol Earth Science PhD students tell it as it is..

I co-founded this blog with the brilliant @eamrobertson as a way of moving our science and PhD chats away from the common room and into the public domain. We now have five contributors and are featured on the School of Earth Sciences website, although we very much value our autonomy and present an honest perspective of PhD life. We also post on the EGU Blog Newtork.

Twitter: @Between_a_Rock

 Outcrop rigs-logo-square

The blog of the Avon RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Sites) group

The Avon RIGS group forms part of the UK-wide RIGS network, whose remit is to “promote  local ‘Geo’ sites for education and public benefit”. I sit on the committee of the Avon RIGS group who comprise local government workers and volunteers. The blog features news, research, events and field guides to local outcrops.

Twitter: @AvonRIGS

Contributing to these two different blogs gives me a pretty open remit on what I write about. Some of the things I’ve posted about so far include: